Rec Classes During COVID-19

Here you will find the latest information for Recerational Dancers as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic and classes at ITS.

Recreational Schedule for the Week of April 4-11

4-6 yearsBallet & Tap4:30-5:00pm
1st-2nd gradeBallet, Tap & Jazz5:15-6:00pm
Ballet TechLevel 55:45-7:00pm
3rd-5th gradeBallet, Tap & Jazz6:00-6:45pm
6th-8th gradeLyrical, Tap & Jazz7:30-8:15pm
2-3 yearsBeginning Dance9:30am-9:50am
4-6 yearsBallet & Tap10:00-10:30am
Ballet TechLevel 311:00-12:00am
JuniorDancing in Faith4:00-4:30pm
Ballet TechLevel 1/24:30-5:30pm
4-6 yearsBallet & Tap6:30-7:00pm
Ballet TechLevel 35:45-6:45pm
1st-2nd gradeBallet, Tap & Jazz6:00-6:45pm
9th-12th gradeLyrical, Tap & Jazz6:45-7:30pm
Ballet TechLevel 21:30-2:30pm
Ballet TechLevel 44:30-5:45pm
Teen Dancing in Faith5:15-5:45pm
2-3 yearsBeginning Dance5:45-6:05pm
4-6 yearsBallet & Tap6:15-6:45pm

Other fun activities and resources for kids:

Parents please have your child practice their dances.  Music has been sent out. If your dances have not been completed or recorded, we will work on getting you a video shortly.